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Agile Recruiting: Die Zukunft des Talent Managements

It is time to break free from rigid approaches like the "Post & Pray" method and instead implement processes that enable us to respond more flexibly, quickly, and effectively to changes in the job market, candidate requirements, and company needs. In an era where the job market is constantly evolving and companies are increasingly under pressure to find and retain qualified employees, it is crucial that HR departments pursue innovative approaches. This begins with the recruitment of employees.

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Bottleneck recruiting: War for talents in mid-tier companies

In many countries the shortage of skilled labor (including professionals, experts, and specialists at all levels) is THE crucial factor that companies name when it comes to current and future challenges for positive business development. According to a survey by ManpowerGroup (2021) around 69% of participating companies report a shortage of skilled labor; compared to that in 2019 - before the pandemic - this figure was at 54% and in 2009 even lower at 30% (ManpowerGroup 2019). On the other hand, there is an increased need for recruitment.

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Recruiting on Our Own Behalf – How to Find New Recruits for Executive Search?

It is our profession to support companies in searching and selecting executives and specialists. Our clients expect us to go down paths they cannot tread themselves, to be – like on a treasure hunt – creative and find the right candidates even in saturated labor markets, get them excited about a vacancy and convince them to ‘apply’.

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Employee Retention as an Answer to the War for Talents

In times of a shortage of skilled labor, employee retention is becoming increasingly important. A multitude of companies are acutely looking for skilled workers, experts, and specialists – nationally as well as internationally. Replacing an employee can cost a company up to twice a year’s salary. In addition to obvious, direct costs for termination talks, exit interviews, severance payments, job advertisements, job interviews, selection processes, contract negotiations, administrative expenses, onboarding and training, the indirect costs play a major role as cost drivers. The longer a position remains vacant, the higher is the loss in productivity occurring in the company.

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The role of leadership for a company’s success

In the past three years, there has been a great deal of economic turmoil and societal unrest due to the corona pandemic, the war between Russia and Ukraine and, finally, the energy crisis. Companies and their executives are therefore faced with the task of re-positioning their business to master or even survive the upcoming challenges, which may still be unknown.

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The Future of Recruitment: Trends and Developments in 2024

Human Resources is in a state of constant change characterized by a shortage of skilled workers, the increasing importance of a strong work life balance and rapid technological progress. The labor market is under enormous pressure due to the prevailing shortage of skilled workers in Western countries. These developments have not only transformed the way companies recruit talent but have also redefined the expectations of job seekers.

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