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We are not looking for profiles. We find people.

To bring together people who have the ability to shape future successes, we rely on our market and industry experience gained over more than three decades, the personal networks that we developed and have carefully cultivated, and our enthusiasm for what we do. This is how we open doors that remain closed to others.

Our Target Industries

No one is at home in all industries. But we know many of them really well: from the inside.

For over thirty years, numerous mid-sized industrial companies have entrusted us with the search for precisely those executives and specialists, others are not able to access. Because they know: At KRÜGER, industry expertise that has grown organically over decades meets well-maintained, personal network contacts and an interest in filling positions on a long-term basis.

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Bottleneck recruiting: War for talents in mid-tier companies
In many countries the shortage of skilled labor (including professionals, experts, and specialists at all levels) is THE crucial factor that companies name when it comes to current and future challenges for positive business development. According to a survey by ManpowerGroup (2021) around 69% of participating companies report a shortage of skilled labor; compared to that in 2019 - before the pandemic - this figure was at 54% and in 2009 even lower at 30% (ManpowerGroup 2019). On the other hand, there is an increased need for recruitment.