Bringing people together – multiplying success


The decision-makers in our target industries know: The key to a secure, successful corporate future lies in the personality of the people who shape it. Deliberate and thoughtful adjustment of this determining factor today will have a positive effect on tomorrow. From day one, our mission is to recruit exactly that person for your company with whom you can increase your future success.

Client-centered, position-specific search with guaranteed candidate exclusivity
Targeted, direct approach to candidates via all channels
Acceptance of responsibility throughout the entire process
In-depth, constant, and targeted search
Thorough professional and personal examination of candidates in confidential interviews (face-to-face)
Long-term interest in staffing through assumption of responsibility in the event of a warranty claim

Our search process

While we bring together what belongs together, we take on process responsibility for our clients and also relieve them of the associated effort. Our structured, tried-and-tested search process ensures quality and transparency at all times and forms the basis for long-term successful recruitment.

  • Intensive, personal acquaintance with our client and his or her company on site
  • Joint formulation and creation of the job profile as well as specification of the requirements for the future job holder (m/f/d)
  • Coordination of search methods and channels, as well as target groups and markets.
  • Analysis and definition of a target company list to approach via direct search
  • Identification and establishment of contact with suitable candidates via all channels (direct search, active sourcing, networks, job advertisements)
  • Spiking interest in candidates through convincing and honest communication regarding the opportunities and challenges of the task
  • Responding to questions and the motivation of the candidates
  • Creating a basis of trust
  • Identification of the most promising candidates in structured face-to-face interviews 
  • Organization of the selection process as contact partner for the candidates, preparation of interview invitations, interim notifications, and rejections 
  • Recommendation of suitable candidates for a personal interview with the company, including our individual assessment
  • Client’s decision on interview invitations based on our pre-selection and recommendation 
  • Joint Interviews with the client, the candidate (m/f/d), and the KRÜGER consultant
  • Personal support in the decision-making process
  • If needed: obtaining additional references and/or expert opinions
  • Advice and moderation on contract issues
  • Support up to the conclusion of the contract
  • Support during the onboarding process
  • Renewed search for candidates in the event of a warranty claim

Our search channels

For us, going the determining extra mile means: we go places for our clients where others have no access. We open doors and generate interest even among executives and specialists who do not yet have any desire to change. Admittedly: this path is challenging and sometimes our team must remove obstacles. But our experts are happy to take it on for the sustainable success of our clients.

Direct search in target companies

  • Definition of target companies and groups in the direct or relevant market environment
  • Identification of potential candidates, some of whom cannot be found via generally accessible channels
  • Generation of interest and, where applicable, desires for change via targeted, discreet direct contact by telephone

Active sourcing

  • Use of our digital expertise for effective online research
  • Digital identification of candidates with the help of professional tools
  • Targeted search in business and social networks as well as in professional networks


  • Use of our personal contacts developed over 30 years to reach out to and interest well-known people in a targeted manner
  • Referral network: access to the contacts of our contacts and thus considerable expansion of the search radius on a qualitative as well as quantitative level
  • Use of the industry and insider knowledge of our network contacts to capture backgrounds, relationships, news, and developments in a timely manner

Media service

  • Development of a customized, project-specific media plan with relevant industry, print, or online media
  • Design, formulation, placement, organization, and monitoring of job advertisements

As part of the CFR Global Executive Search Network, we are ideally equipped to support you also in cross-border or international recruitment projects.

To ensure the quality of our services – and thus the success for our clients – we structure our fees in line with the principles of proper and qualified executive search of the BDU (Association of German Management Consultants e.V.).

For further information or a non-binding individual consultation, please contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!