What sets us apart

Self-image & values


30 years of executive and specialist search

For the success of our clients, we employ our experience gained over three decades as well as our combined professional expertise.

Passion for recruitment

We are convinced: Only those who are passionate about what they do can inspire others – and that is exactly what recruitment is all about. With passion and diligence, we identify and convince executives and experts of the exciting challenges in our clients‘ companies.

Extensive industry expertise

Our close-knit, well-established networks of decision-makers and stakeholders as well as our own professional experience in core industries make us a sought-after executive consultant within our region and throughout the German-speaking area. As a partner of the CFR Global Executive Search Network, we are part of a first-class international network and can support you also with international recruitment projects.

Target-oriented approach

From day one, we set our sights squarely on the goal: to ensure our client's satisfaction of our clients using a targeted, proactive approach to finding, interesting, and convincing that specific individual who will successfully shape your company’s development in the long term. 

Family at the center

The linchpin of our thoughts and actions is the family. As a family business, we are guided by values such as sincerity, appreciation, and mutual encouragement. These values are also the basis for our dealings with clients and candidates.

Responsibility in consulting and support

We are and will remain authentic, because we are aware of the great responsibility we assume for our clients, but also for the candidates. That is why we honestly say what we think and remain comprehensible and transparent in our actions.

„The building blocks of our success?
Sensitivity, independence, and responsibility!“

The service we offer our customers requires special sensitivity: after all, we address potential candidates exactly where they can be found – in companies, via active sourcing and, of course, in our own network. It is therefore of primary importance to us to make the entire selection process transparent for our clients and to accompany it very closely. The fact that we are intensively involved in the interviewing process affords us a holistic view and thus the independence that makes us successful as consultants. One thing is certain: We bear responsibility towards clients and candidates alike. Ultimately, a viable solution can only emerge when both sides say "yes" to each other with full conviction.

Mientje Krüger, Owner

„At the beginning of our journey together is listening.“

We are executive search consultants with heart and soul and thus listeners, observers, questioners, advisors, and solution finders. We meet each other at eye level and listen carefully. This is where we set off, and it is from here that commonality, trust, and loyalty become possible – and understanding for the person we are looking for. Because finding that sometimes famous "needle in the haystack" requires grasping all the important facets first. We approach each and every person we talk to with interest, a sympathetic ear, professionalism, and empathy.

Elisabeth Krüger, Consultant

„Our history is the solid foundation for our future.“

The history of KRÜGER – Personal Headhunting is the story of our family. What has been created in the past makes us proud. We see it as our task and obligation to give the best to our clients every day with enthusiasm. Successful partnerships with clients for more than 30 years prove us right – while at the same time giving us the confidence to successfully continue our company history.

Matthias Krüger, Owner

Our values

As the basis of our actions, our values sharpen the awareness of what is important to us in contact with each other and with clients. They are the source of our work's quality.



KRÜGER – Personal Headhunting has been part of our family's tradition since day one. Honesty and respect, integrity and security, as well as sustainability and responsibility, therefore, remain the guiding principles for our decisions and our conduct.



Out of conviction, we make ourselves visible and comprehensible to our clients, partners, and candidates. We show personality and at the same time ask this of our counterparts, thus enabling mutual trust. In our role as advisors, we are open and honest – even where things can get uncomfortable.



What we do, we do with enthusiasm. We approach every assignment, every new challenge with curiosity and the inner need to create the best for our clients and candidates. This passion drives us, motivates us, and translates to our partners.



Our goals are deliberately ambitious. To achieve them, we rely on the trust of our clients. We maintain this by always acting openly and coherently and by providing information about ongoing steps and the project status.



Open communication, honesty, looking in the same direction, and formulating goals: all of this characterizes our idea of what it is to be human and stands for the respect with which we approach our counterparts. On this basis of appreciation, we can find effective ways together, but also express criticism or make course corrections.



A basic prerequisite for success is creativity: we do not follow the beaten path, but rather think "outside the box" and look for a solution in a bolder range of colors.


Family businesses have always drawn their strength from trusting cooperation: together with his sister Elisabeth and daughter / co-owner Mientje, owner Matthias Krüger can look back on more than 30 years of successful executive and specialist search as well as extensive industry experience.


Benno M. Krüger joins the
management consultancy
as a partner at
Hanns Peter Neuhaus


Matthias and Benno M. Krüger
specialize in executive and
specialist search


Together with sister
Elisabeth, the company
enters the new
millennium under the


With the third generation
now in place and entirely
in the family spirit, we
are following the motto
"Back to our roots – and off
to new shores!" and
focusing once again on the


KRÜGER joins the
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